Fairy Kids Party

Fairy Plaster Painting Kids Party

Pixies, paintbrushes and a little trust
We will provide the fairy dust!
Put on your wings and don’t be late,
We have a party to celebrate!

Our Fairy Plaster Painting Package is a firm favourite at Little Plaster House. Each child is given a pair of wings to wear on the day and although they are free to choose any plaster design in the studio, we always ensure we have plenty of fairy and unicorn moulds to choose from!

We recommend this party for that little fairy princess in your life that loves all things magical and glittery! It is a party that is highly recommended for 3-7yr olds. Generally, children under 7yrs of age tend to paint a bit faster, so we recommend choosing a package that gives the children two items to paint. The Fairy Party allows the choice of one plaster and then each little fairy also gets to paint and glitterize a fairy wand! Do you have any boys attending the party? Not a problem! Instead of a wand to paint, each boy will be given a mini plaster piece to paint instead. And we don’t make them wear the wings!



We’ve found that the restrictions placed during the height of the pandemic actually served to create a safer and more enjoyable environment for our birthday parties. So to some degree we have retained them.
  • We are still requesting that guest parents drop off or sit outside for the party. We provide stools and a trestle table outside. There are some cafes/eateries within the business park and in close proximity to our venue. Across the road, there is also Frango’s and Gloria Jean’s.
  • We can host up to 20 children inside, but if you do have more than 15 children you will lose the indoor table normally reserved for any food you may bring in.
  • If you have 12 or less children, there will be a free table inside for adults that seats 6.
  • Siblings of guests will only be included if space permits and does not exceed 12 invited guests.
  • We will still supply chips, lollies (served in individual cups per child), cordial and water.   You are absolutely welcome to bring your own food to supplement our party snacks. And don’t forget to bring the cake and a nice big bag for all the presents!
The venue remains exclusive for your guests only and will not be open to the public. Guest parents are welcome to pop in and out to take photos of their children during the party.


A fairy party at Little Plaster House will cover the snacks, the entertainment, the lolly bags and even the cake cutting! And when the party’s over, we will even do the cleaning up. Now isn’t that a fairy-tastic way to wrap up another birthday party?

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