Unicorn Kids Party

Unicorn Plaster Painting Kids Party

With unicorns and rainbows to show the way
Get ready to celebrate a magical day!

Every child deserves a magical celebration… and what can be more magical than unicorns?

The Unicorn Plaster Painting Package at Little Plaster House is perfect for the child who may feel a little too old for our fairy package, but still loves the idea of a themed party. The children will have two things to paint – one is a unicorn headband and any second is a free choice of plaster from our extensive range. An ideal age group would be school-aged children who at this age have the focus to properly paint the unicorn horn and plaster. An alternative piece is available if any boys attending do not want to paint the horn. 

All our party packages include popcorn, lollies, cordial and water. 

Go ahead – make that call and your child will be as happy as a unicorn eating birthday cake on a rainbow!

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