Super Hero Kids Party

Super hero plaster painting at Little plaster hosue

Superhero Plaster Painting Kids Party

Your mission, should you choose to accept it
Is to suit up as your favourite superhero
So we can paint up a storm!

Are you tired of trying to find your son or daughter in a multi-storey playground – filled with a million other screaming children – that will inevitably end in you squeezing into a plastic pod or slide (where no adult should really go!) to retrieve an overtired child? We have a “super” alternative!

The Superhero Plaster Painting Package at Little Plaster House is ideal for your child (and parent!) who prefers a calmer environment. The children are encouraged to dress up as their favourite superhero thus setting the scene for some super painting fun!

The Superhero package is highly recommended for both boys and girls and is a good option for those expecting to invite an even mix of both sexes. The children will choose two plasters – one from our superhero range and any second plaster of their choice. An ideal age group would be girls under 7 and all ages for the boys. In our experience at Little Plaster House, this particular group do tend to paint a little faster so we recommend choosing a package that supplies two items to paint.

We are often asked how do we handle a boys party here. We run a tight schedule and ensure that we always have an activity that the children can move on to. In a room full of breakables, it is only to everyone’s benefit that we keep all our party guests occupied! And if time permits, we also organise a game with the children too.

All our party packages include popcorn, lollies, cordial and water. 

So pick up that Bat-Phone… a Superhero plaster painting party is calling!

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