Little Van Gogh Kids Party

Little Van Gogh Plaster Painting Kids Party

“I dream my painting and I paint my dream…” – Vincent Van Gogh

Plaster painting is all about self expression! Here at Little Plaster House we’ve seen amazing pastel ladybugs; clown faces so chilling they look like they’re straight from a horror movie; and purple-haired princesses adorned in gowns dipped in rainbow colours. Every child truely paints a dream!

Our Little Van Gogh Plaster Painting Party is one of our most popular packages. The children choose one plaster from anywhere in the studio and a second one from a select range. If you have ever visited our studio, you would know that our range is vast! It is not unusual for a child to choose and change their mind over and over again before we serve out the paint.

We recommend this package for all age groups and for both boys and girls. This party is also adaptable to any party theme you have in mind, as it is not as polarising as a fairy or superhero party package. Given the freedom to choose from unicorns and cats, to rattlesnakes and minions, the Little Van Gogh Party is a perfectly neutral backdrop to any theme you can conceive. Furthermore, you are welcome to bring in your own decorations (such as tablecloths or banners).

If your guests have never visited our studio, we highly recommend placing a helium balloon outside our doors to help them find us. We are tucked away in a corner of the carpark that is often overlooked! It may be a little tricky to find, but we promise our parties are worth it!

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