Kids Party Venues around Castle Hill and The Hills District

Remember the days when the only option our parents had to host a party outside of the home garage was good old Macca’s? Not to take away from fast food party venue – we all had a blast as five year olds munching on cheese burgers and sliding down the cold metal Hamburgular slide! Today there are so many different venues to host a unique and memorable children’s party, particularly in the family friendly suburbs like Castle Hill or Rouse Hill. Parents have an array of memorable party venues to choose from – trampolining, indoor playcentres, and beautiful open parklands that dot Sydney’s green and lush Hills District, but if you are looking for something truly unique; intimate; exclusive for your event; and a whole lot of creative fun, give Little Plaster House a call!

Our colourful, bright studio is the perfect backdrop for a creative party experience. With a minimum of just 10 guests, the studio is exclusively yours for the event and every child will go home with their own little artwork. We take the mess out of your home and embrace the paint, glitter and fun in a nicely condensed 90 min party. Little Plaster House prides itself on creating a no-hassle event. Our parties are completely taken care of – from personalised invitations, to entertainment and party snacks. All hosted by our friendly staff. What does mum and dad need to do? Bring the cake, a big bag for all the presents and then sit back with a coffee in hand while we take care of your guests.

Trampolines, play centres and fast food venues will always have their place in the Castle Hill / Hills party scene. But if you want a smaller venue just for your party without paying a big fee, consider holding your child’s party at Little Plaster House! Take that “leap of paint” and head over to our bookings page. Your kids (and your sanity) will thank you for it!

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